Replatforming the site

Today I’m are launching the new For this replatforming, I used Jekyll which will let us maintain easily manageable repository for the code. The template is forked from the talented notwaldorf. The site is fully responsive and will be updated over time with new posts from me.

Over the past few years, I’ve made numerous design changes to the site. This site first debuted on the domain name in 2013 hosted on Tumblr with a bold logo, seen below: original logo

In 2014, I moved to WordPress debuting with a lame template and eventually moving towards a resume template.

In 2016, I kept with WordPress wanted to change it up to more of a landing page. During 2017 and 2018, I went to a more high fidelity layout that used too much Javascript and didn’t translate to well.

In 2019, I finally moved the domain over to a more common TLD, with a new template. The goal of the 2019 redesign was to move away from any platform (like Wordpress) and instead build a basic HTML/CSS page. This design was used for about a year: original logo

And finally, in 2020, the site is updated - hopefully for the long-term using Jekyll.

Justin Cauchon - 3/29/2020